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Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Family Practice Clinic

Jun 17, 2022
Choosing a Family Practice Clinic helps to keep patients in good health and development throughout the course of their life. Family Practice Clinics are especially beneficial because practitioner

Choosing a Family Practice Clinic helps to keep patients in good health and development throughout the course of their life. Family Practice Clinics are especially beneficial because practitioners within the clinic can care for and treat all family members, regardless of age.

For patients in the Columbia, MD area, Metro Best Health is a great choice for your Family Practice Clinic needs. If you are in the process of deciding to select a Family Practice Clinic, consider these top 5 reasons to schedule with Metro Best Health.

Family Practice Clinics are a Lifetime Choice

A practitioner at a Family Practice Clinic will be a support system for the course of your life.  Because they see patients ranging from toddlers into the elderly years, chances are the patient and practitioner will have a lifelong bond through the course of the patient’s care.

Family Practice Clinics treat a wide array of illnesses and conditions and are typically the primary point of contact for a patient’s care. A Family Practice Clinic such as Metro Best Health in Columbia, MD offers services such as physicals, checkups, vaccinations, prescription management and treatment of illnesses and disease. A Family Practice Clinic can also assist with coordination of specialty visits if a patient requires focused care.

Because of the nature of the provided services and a Family Practice Clinic’s active involvement in all aspects of a patient’s care, a natural bond is formed that cannot be found elsewhere.

Family Practice Clinics Understand Your History

Selecting a Family Practice Clinic means your practitioner typically develops a deep understanding of your medical history. The level of involvement Family Practice Clinics have in patient care allows the practitioner to elevate a patient’s care. Because the practitioner knows a patient for a large span of their life, this takes care to the next level, because the Family Practice Clinic practitioner can identify trends in the patient’s health, evaluate their stress during challenging times of life, and help to catch red flags early on.

In addition to knowing the patient’s personal history, it is very likely that the Family Practice Clinic and its practitioners are also seeing other family members. Because of this ability to see multiple generations in a family, Family Practice Clinics can gain great insight into family medical history – much more than what they’d get from a questionnaire!

Family Practice Clinics Offer More Than Physicals

While Family Practice Clinics do place a strong emphasis on physicals and yearly checkups, they are incredibly diverse in treatment and service options. Family Practice clinics can treat illness, infection, mental health conditions and even chronic conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

At Metro Best Health and Columbia, MD patients are seen for a variety of reasons – click here to read about all we have to offer you and your family.

Family Practice Clinics Can Coordinate Specialty Visits

Occasionally, a patient may experience an illness or condition that requires a specialty visit or treatment that a Family Practice Clinic cannot provide. When this happens, it can be scary for the patient and their family. Having a Family Practice Clinic during this time is a valuable resource. Your Family Practice Clinic practitioner and staff can help coordinate a visit with a specialty clinic – this gives patient piece of mind about selecting the right specialty practitioner and takes some of the strain off an already difficult time.

Finding a specialty clinic to assist you is about more than an illness or condition, it’s about the patient and meeting their specific needs. A Family Practice Clinic knows the patient well enough to consider not only their health needs, but their insurance network and their personality. These factors all go into assisting the patient in finding the right clinic for their needs.

Family Practice Clinics Are Life Saving

Regular visits to a Family Practice Clinic can save a patient’s life. Having a practitioner who knows a patient’s history and can form a bond with the patient is incredibly important to a patient’s overall health. Statistically patients that regularly see a practitioner are less likely to be hospitalized.

Family Practice Clinic | Columbia, MD

At Metro Best Health in we understand how important it is for patients to find a safe, reliable, and welcoming Family Practice Clinic.  If you are a patient in the Columbia, MD area call us today at 202-754-8877 or set up an appointment online.