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    Metro Best Health Services & Wellness care Columbia, MD

    Metrobest Health Services is a primary care medical office offering holistic wellness programs. Our care is focused on disease prevention and improving quality of life. Rather than allopathic treatment of disease states with prescription pills, we address the root causes of symptoms.

    You will always receive patient-focused, non rushed care. Our mission is to listen to, meet and exceed the expectation of those we serve.

    Clinic Services Columbia, MD | Washington, DC

    Physicals & Exams
    Hormone Therapy
    “Low T” / “E.D.”
    Medical Weight Loss
    Illness & Disease
    IV Therapy
    IV Therapy

    Clinic Now Accepting New Patients Columbia, MD Washington, DC

    Your first visit to Metro Best Health Clinic establishes a vital foundation for our relationship with you. During your first visit, we make sure to obtain important background information about your medical history and give you time to get to know your medical provider.

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    Our Clinic’s Mission Statement

    Our practice is working together to realize a shared vision of excellence in medicine to patients of all races, ages and genders in the Columbia, MD and Washington, DC area.

    To fulfill this mission, we are committed to:

    • Listening to those we are privileged to serve.
    • Earn the trust and respect of patients, profession and community
    • Exceed your expectations.
    • Ensure a creative, challenging and compassionate professional
    • Strive for continuous improvement at all levels.
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    Providing patient choices that empower you to embrace a healthy lifestyle!

    Clinic Testimonials

    Let me tell you… Dr. Kaplan is what you hope every doctor you see is like. She genuinely cares about her patients. I had a problem with my card registration, and she talked with me, exchanged messages, and did everything in her power to resolve the problem. If she was too busy during the day, she helped me when she got off, from her home, after working all day.

    Not only that, but SHE called ME. I didn’t even ask. She cared enough about me to go above and beyond anything i could ever expect from a doctor. She is so kind. Truly a gem of human being. And no, I’m not exaggerating. Milca Kaplan is incredible.

    Also, please don’t call her after hours. She needs rest. This was a huge favor.

    - Jakub Lizon

    Omg! Ms. Kaplan NP is very kind, has great bedside manners, makes sure that her patients get the best treatment and takes her time to explain things. The staff is just super sweet honestly and make a patient feel very comfortable.

    - Rose MacLeod

    The staff was very friendly, helpful and accommodating and made me feel comfortable in their office. I would recommend them to any one of my friends who are trying to get certified for medical marijuana. Dr Kaplan is tops! She was down to earth and made me laugh.

    - Christine Schadegg

    I received a telehealth appointment the same day that NP Kaplan called me! She is kind, caring, warm, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful! My appointment went very well. I would recommend her at any time!

    - Laurice Cummings

    The office had a really calming vibe to it. The staff was friendly and very informative! The Doctor was amazing, she had excellent bedside manner and made me feel very comfortable through out the entire process! Definitely will be recommending!

    - Dawnia Richards

    Dr. Kaplan is a brilliant and compassionate physician. She is thorough and puts you at ease with her listening ear and kind spirit. Her staff is competent and patient. A great wellness partnership has been forged in one visit.

    - Victoria Margolis

    The doctor was very patient,(pardon the pun!) She was thoughtful, kind, humorous, and the doctor you always hope to find. She listened, she asked insightful questions, and I left the office feeling like I’d just made a new friend! The staff was courteous, and I would rate them all 5 stars!!

    - Karen Smith

    She’s amazing. Make my husband and I feel comfortable and she know her stuff. I honestly feel like she should have more than one practice. So far so good. She has resolved many of my issues.

    - Freddie Long

    The staff was very pleasant and more than helpful. They were clear on what I needed to bring to complete the process. The consultation with the doctor was pleasant and informative. She broke down the use of the medicine and explained the purpose.

    Thank you

    - Edwin Mcnair

    I must say that, Dr. Kaplan is the best doctor I have had a privilege to go to. She is attentive and very knowledgeable, and her staff is professional and courteous..A top notch organization. I would recommend them to anyone who is seeking top shelf medical care and advice.

    - Neal Edmonson

    The service is above and beyond the best. Milca Kaplan takes her time. She is thorough and professional .
    However, she has a caring and kind approach. Listens well. Follow-up with you on care and issues .
    Her staff is the best. Friendly, efficient and responsive.
    I didn’t think anyone could take my dear Dr. Danny’s place ,but Milca Kaplan has been a gem.
    Although I miss my 1st favorite Dr, (retired), Milca Kaplan takes super and supportive care of my medical needs

    Highly recommended 🙂
    Super accessible by all modes of transportation. Plenty of street parking.
    Clean office.

    - Tanya L. Covington

    I received more information than I had received from another provider Mica Kaplan has a calm and reassuring manner that made me feel very comfortable I will defiantly be returning to her office even if she is 1/2 hour away She is that good

    - Linda McCabe

    Dr. Kaplan, my new PCP was awesome. Staff is professional, prompt and friendly. My ONLY complaint was that there was no outlet in the waiting room to charge my phone. BUT I only waited 4 minutes b4 I was taken to the back anyway.

    - Jason Turner

    Dr Milca Kaplan is very educated. She takes her time and listen to what you’re saying because what you’re saying really matters. If there’s something going on with you she’s not going to stop till she gets the answer. If you’re looking for a doctor whos dedicated professional and treat you as if you’re her family she’s taken care of…..She’s that person❤️

    - Angela Smith

    I love how the staff and doctors are very attentive in making sure that you get the best care possible.Any questions that you have are always answered.They are nice and always very kind each appointment that I have had with them.They are very helpful with all my medical needs and always available to assist me in everything I need.Love the doctors and staff.Great services and I am definitely happy.

    - Tyra Earle