Insurance disclaimer & Fees

Metrobest Health Services does not participate in any health insurance or HMO plans or panels and has opted out of Medicare. Our patients pay us directly at the time of service for the services rendered. No monthly membership fees.

We encourage our patients to determine whether reimbursement is available from their private, governmental and non-governmental insurance or payment plans. And to submit any required billing.

Further, the Practice makes no representation that the fees paid to our office are reimbursable by the health insurance plans.

General Medical consultations $125

*Chronic illness & Disease management
*Check up & physicals
* Medical cannabis certifications
*Prescription management
* Vaccinations

Our medical weight loss programs are tailored for everyone, at every budget, no hidden fees or monthly payments.

Why wait?
Get your health back on track, lose weight, and stick to a program that addresses your overall health.  We are glad you are here if you are ready to start your journey.

Monthly Medical Weight loss Programs

B12 complex injections $25

Lipo fat burner injections $25

Laboratory cost

Signature Medical weight loss Protocols

The metabolic balance program is a unique and individualized metabolic nutritional plan. A personal nutritional plan based on your eunique blood chemistry.

Data from 36 different blood values is analyzed, to pinpoint your individual nutritional deficiencies  and guide in determining the foods to best meet your nutritional needs.

The program is divided into 4 phases beginning with a detoxification, a gut cleansing in preparation for nutritional conversion. And ends with a maintenance phase. It is a lifestyle modification program that is studied and proven effective.