Men’s Hormone Therapy for Weight Loss

Men’s Hormone Therapy for Weight Loss

As men age, they begin to experience weight gain and inability to lose stubborn fat. This change can occur even without a change in lifestyle or diet. This is frustrating for many patients who continue lead active lives and find themselves unable to build muscle or lose fat. Even if weight gain is not a primary concern, some men who are over forty may notice that they have lost muscle mass and they are holding on to more fat around their midsection.

The hormone therapy experts at Metro Best Health in Columbia, MD can help men understand why this happens and what to do about it.

Hormones and their Link to Muscle Mass and Fat Loss

As men naturally experience a decline in production of testosterone, they will notice a change in muscle tone and an increase in fat. This is through no fault of their own! Hormonal imbalance can create a major disruption in a man’s body composition.

When thinking about hormonal balance and low testosterone (or “low t”) we commonly think of sexual health and erectile dysfunction, but hormone levels play a role in both muscle mass and fat storage.

Hormones and their role in Weight Gain

Men in the Columbia, MD area can contact Metro Best Health for a simple blood test to identify testosterone levels as a contributing factor in inability to lose weight or gain muscle.

Through clinical evaluation and blood work, men can expect to understand how testosterone production, or lack thereof, may be contribution to their body composition. With hormone therapy, we can help men optimize their hormones and return to the body they want!

Hormones and Weight Gain

While many people thing of menopause and weight gain, they do not realize that men also deal with hormonal imbalance. For men, this is called andropause and is a result of decline in testosterone production as they age. This may begin to happen as soon as men hit 30 years old.

As testosterone levels decrease, men may experience symptoms of “Low T” – including weight gain! This decrease in testosterone production means that men are left with too much estrogen – which is the culprit behind weight gain and belly and chest fat.

To make matters worse, men typically have a decrease in energy to go along with the other symptoms of low t. This means they may be less motivated than normal to be as active as they once were.

Hormone Therapy for Weight Loss and Healthy Muscle

As men deal with the unwanted side effects of low t, they may also experience changes in their mental health and self-esteem. Problems such as weight gain, increased fat storage, and loss of muscle mass do not make men feel great about themselves. But weight gain and loss of muscle mass go beyond appearance. These changes in body composition carry risk of complications such as heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, and cancer. Hormone therapy can help alleviate low t symptoms and prevent against chronic illnesses and disease.

Evaluation of a man’s lifestyle, diet, and activity level is important. But in many cases diet and exercise alone are not enough when a man is going through andropause and battling low testosterone levels.

At Metro Best Health in Columbia, MD our hormone therapy experts can help create a hormone therapy treatment customized to the individual patient and his concerns.  Our staff cares about the well-being of patients and their knowledge of natural hormone therapy can help men get back on track to optimal health – and the body they deserve!

Men’s Hormone Therapy|  Columbia, MD

At Metro Best Health, we understand how frustrating it is to try diet and exercise to get rid of stubborn belly fat and attempt to build muscle. Especially when dealing with other symptoms of low t and hormonal imbalance. If you are a man who has low testosterone levels (“low t”), this decline in hormone production may be the culprit. Hormone therapy may be the treatment you need to get on track with weight loss and muscle gain!

If you are in the Columbia, MD area, call our hormone therapy experts to set up a consultation and get back on track to optimal health.

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