Improving Erectile Dysfunction with Testosterone Therapy

Erectile dysfunction (ED) makes it challenging for men to feel comfortable with their sexual health and overall vitality. For many men, this topic is often one they do not want to discuss, even though erectile dysfunction is something most men experience in their life. However, Testosterone Therapy is changing the lives of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction and giving them back the vitality they have missed.

The production of testosterone is needed for erectile health. And patients in the Columbia, MD area have experienced relief from symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) through natural testosterone replacement therapy.

The Link Between Erectile Dysfunction and Low Testosterone

Erectile dysfunction, commonly called “ED,” is the inability to get and maintain a firm erection. Difficulty with erections occasionally is not cause for concern. But if maintaining an erection becomes a recurring issue then men should discuss concerns about erectile dysfunction with their medical provider.

At any age, a man can experience erectile dysfunction. However erectile dysfunction is most common as men get older, due to the body’s natural decrease in testosterone production. Low testosterone is not only linked to erectile dysfunction. Low testosterone is also a factor in decreased sex drive.

Erectile dysfunction and its connection to low testosterone levels is complex. There are many factors that can contribute to erectile dysfunction (ED) in men including high blood pressure, diabetes, and other chronic issues. But having testosterone levels checked when experiencing issues with erectile dysfunction is a great place to start. Resolving low testosterone can put a man back on the path to hormonal balance and sexual wellness.

Erectile Dysfunction and Other Signs of Low Testosterone

Erectile Dysfunction and low libido are a few signs of low testosterone. But there are additional indications of low testosterone men should recognize. Low testosterone causes mental issues such as depression and mood swings, decreased energy, weight gain, and decreased muscle mass.

Low testosterone is a risk factor for even more complicated illnesses such as heart disease, cholesterol issues, diabetes and in some cases cancer.

At Metro Best Clinic in Columbia, MD we have experience in treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) and low testosterone. Through blood testing and evaluation of hormone levels, Metro Best clinic can help determine if hormonal imbalance is the underlying cause of a man’s erectile dysfunction and provide help on the way back to hormonal balance and restoration of sexual health and vitality.

If you are suffering from low testosterone, we can restore testosterone levels to optimal range through all-natural testosterone replacement therapy. Testosterone pellets allow for steady release of hormone as your body needs it, helping men experience relief from erectile dysfunction and other symptoms of low testosterone.

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Testosterone Therapy to Manage Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Low Testosterone

Discussing erectile dysfunction (ED) and low testosterone is often embarrassing for men and leads them to avoid discussing issues with their medical provider. However, it is very important to seek assistance from a qualified medical provider, such as the experts at Metro Best Clinic in Columbia, MD.

Medical providers, especially those with experience in testosterone replacement therapy and testosterone pellets, are qualified to test a man’s blood levels and determine the best course of treatment. It can be tempting to fall in the trap of supplements and other over the counter “cures.” However, testosterone replacement therapy does more than treats the side effects of low testosterone, it addresses the root cause of hormonal imbalance and helps to restore vitality and well-being.

Metro Best Clinic in Columbia, MD has experts to help you fix hormonal issues for good – no more remembering to take pills or potentially unsafe over the counter treatments. Restore your health once and for all and let our understanding experts help get life back on track!

Testosterone Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction| Columbia, MD

Metro Best Clinic in Columbia, MD offers testosterone replacement therapy for erectile dysfunction (ED) and low testosterone to help restore hormonal balance and vitality so patients can be back on track to the life they deserve.

Testosterone replacement therapy pellets for men are typically inserted every 6 month – meaning there is minimal impact to a man’s busy schedule and lifestyle.  No need to remember pills, patches or creams. This quick, effective treatment can help men manage erectile dysfunction and low testosterone.

If you are a man in the Columbia, MD area call Metro Best Health Clinic today, or schedule an appointment online. 

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